Acushnet Creamery | Ice Cream Cakes

Custom orders must be placed two weeks in advance.

Each cake is created with one layer of ice cream on the bottom, oreo cookie crumbles & fudge filling in the middle, and another layer of ice cream on top! All cakes are hand finished by our talented cake decorator, frosted with a buttercream vanilla icing and can have your own special message placed on top.

Cakes can be ordered in any of your favorite flavors and with any design you choose. You can get creative with the middle filling as well! In place of oreo cookie crumbles & fudge, we offer peanut butter cups, peanut butter sauce, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and more. Custom orders must be placed two weeks in advance, but we do try to keep a few extras in stock at the shop!

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-How far in advance do I need to place my order?
We can best accommodate your order if it is placed two weeks in advance.

-What flavors can I order?
As long as you place your order 2 weeks in advance, you can choose any 2 flavors on the menu, including special flavors.

-Can you accommodate Gluten and Nut allergies?
Please inform your server that there is an allergy when placing your order. Our ice cream cakes are traditionally made with cookie crumbs and fudge in the middle. We do have other options available that are gluten free. We do accommodate nut allergies, as well, but as with any of our products, we cannot 100% guarantee because everything is made in the same facility.

-What are the prices?
6" cake is $22.00 and feeds about 8-10

9" cake is $33.00 and feeds about 14-16

1/4 sheet cake is $44.00

All prices are subject to change without notice.

Order your Ice Cream Cake Online!

Fill out the form below to order your custom made Ice Cream Cake! Please place order 2 WEEKS in advance and be prepared to pay upon pickup, thank you and enjoy!
  • Cake orders must be placed 2 FULL weeks before pickup date. If you have questions, please call us at (508) 995-9909!
  • Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Retirement, etc.
  • (Unable to do metallic or black)
  • We will try our best to accommodate to your requests. Any special themes or designs requiring fondant may have an up-charge. We will contact you regarding your order as soon as we receive the information!